Airlink Wireless Overview


Powerful RF Transmission

Whether the need is to get an audio signal to an overflow crowd at a special event or send the announcer’s voice across the football stadium, AirLink can get the message across with ease by the use of RF transmission. Tests have been performed through multi-story buildings from lobby to upper conference room, from press box to cross-field component sound systems and various concession booths, or from outdoor program stage to distant Titans with UHF receivers. Transmission distance in excess of 500 feet has been achieved in direct line of sight with absolute clarity and rock solid connectivity. LEARN MORE.


The ultimate in wireless technology

AirLink UHF Wireless Systems provide the ultimate in wireless technology, with exclusive characteristics and unique flexibility at an affordable price. AirLink offers 96 fully-selectable, user pre-programmable frequencies, and the ability to use up to 8 systems simultaneously. In addition, all AirLink components are interchangeable, allowing any AirLink transmitter to work with any AirLink receiver (including Titan system). The unprecedented versatility makes UHF Wireless Systems ideal for a number of applications, including: PA rental, broadcast, theater, houses of worship, educational facilities, and video production. AirLink systems offer Handheld, Body-Pack (headset and lapel microphones) or stationary ALS-960 transmitter options. LEARN MORE.