RF Wireless

Body-Pack Receiver | UR-96BP

UHF Personal Body-Pack Receiver

Bodypack-UR-96BP-LThe UR-96BP is a portable, battery-powered, UHF receiver (96 channel selectable) with an earphone and line level out. Ideal for monitoring signal transmission or inserting a line level signal into a sound system. Perfect for receiving a wireless signal to insert into self-powered speakers.
Can also be used for personal listening and guided tour systems. 100% compatible with our RF transmitters, Titan and AirLink systems.

BodyPack UR-96BP Receiver Cut Sheet bw.pdf

Language Translation System | LT-960

Language-Translation-System-LT-960-hrUHF Personal Body-Pack Reciever
Our Language Translation System is comprised of 1 wireless ALS-960 AirLink Transmitter which broadcasts to four lightweight & reliable UR-96BP Body-Pack Receivers for listeners on the go. Earpieces and 2 BRC-75 Dual Drop-In Body-Pack Chargers are included.

Personal FM System | PS-960

Personal-FM-System-PS-960-hrUHF Personal Body-Pack Receiver
The Personal FM System is ideal where one on one communication is a must. Hard of hearing and special needs students can benefit by listening to the teacher with exceptional clarity at the ideal volume. Includes 1 UT-96BP Body-Pack Transmitter w/ choice of microphone for the speaker, 1 UR-96BP Body-Pack Receiver w/ earphone for the listener, and 1 BRC-75 Dual Drop-In Body-Pack Charger.

Tour Guide System | TG-935 / TG-912

UHF Personal Body-Pack Receiver
Need to transmit a wireless message to several on-the go-listeners? The tour guide system is equipped with one powerful 1 UT-96BP Body-Pack Transmitter w/ choice of microphone for the speaker and multiple clip-on, portable UR-96BP Body-Pack Receivers w/ earphones. You can choose between a bundle of 35 or 12 receivers depending on you group needs, The packages also come equipped with earphones and a drop-charging case.