Powerful & Portable, (DISCONTINUED)

TeachLogic’s new Titan Neo lowers the weight of this popular ac/dc powered sound system by almost 30%. The use of Nickel Metal Hydride batteries not only reduces weight significantly, but also increases the run time of the system (while on battery) to typically 6-7 hours. A 4 stage LED indicator now shows remaining battery level. The new low frequency speaker utilizes a neodymium magnet structure which significantly reduces the total weight of the system. In total, the conversion to NiMH batteries and a neodymium magnet structure lowers the overall weight of the Titan Neo system to a mere 21 lbs. The new Titan Neo also features a voice priority circuit that “ducks” the CD or line level input 20 dB when one of the Titan’s microphones is activated. A perforated steel grille has been added for further protection to the components. LEARN MORE.