Microphones & Transmitters

IRH-35 Handheld Microphone Transmitter

For All Infrared Sound Systems

The handheld microphone/transmitter is primarily used by students for interactive class participation. The ergonomic design renders user comfort and very low handling noise. The unidirectional condenser microphone reproduces excellent vocal quality and the windscreen prevents breath pops. The emitting diodes are located around the top and bottom end of the handle for 360° transmission and assured connectivity throughout the classroom.

– Handheld Microphone Transmitter (IR) (IRH-35)



HandHeld IRH35 Cut Sheet.pdf

Sapphire  IRT-55 & IRT-60

A Jewel of a microphone

The Sapphire is our stylish new lightweight classroom microphone. So small, it’s hardly noticeable to wear. It can be worn with a lanyard or clipped directly to your neckline collar. Performance: The Sapphire’s vocal clarity is unsurpassed. It boasts high level output, reliable connectivity and exceptional definition. With a built-in breath filter, the Sapphire can function as a pass-around hand mic.

Function: With a tap on the power button, the mic mutes for private conversation—tap again to restore to normal operation. The auxiliary input allows wireless playback of your iPod™ through the Sapphire. A three-position slide switch provides selection of HIGH, MID or LOW (Normal, -3dB or -6dB) microphone volume level.

The IRT-60 features: Security Alert, holding down the priority button for five seconds activates a contact closure.

– Sapphire Pendant Microphone Transmitter (IRT-55) & (IRT-60)





Sapphire 55 IR Cut Sheet web.pdf

UT-96HH UHF Handheld Microphone Transmitter

The handheld microphone/transmitter is used by presenters or interactive participants. The ergonomic design and light weight render user comfort. The internal shock mount features very low handling noise. The unidirectional condenser microphone exhibits excellent vocal quality and extra sensitivity. The built-in windscreen prevents breath pops and wind noise. Color caps make for easy identity.

-Handheld Microphone Transmitter (RF) (UT-96HH)




Handheld RF Cut Sheet bw.pdf

UT-96BP Bodypack Transmitter

The Body-Pack transmits a composite voice and RF (UHF) signal to the receiver. It is usually worn on the waistband with an external microphone plugged in for vocal input. Various microphones are available for hands free presentation. Reliable connectivity is assured in excess of 200 feet. Requires two “AA” batteries for 6–8 hours of continuous transmission.

– Body Pack RF Transmitter (RF) (UT96BP)





Body Pack UT-96BP Cut Sheet.pdf
Headset Mic New Cut Sheet.pdf
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